More Farkles // KTM 3-Fiddy

More Farkles // KTM 3-Fiddy

This post is a farkle round-up.. a few more mods I’ve made to my 2017 KTM 350 EXC-F!

  • Midwest Mountain Clutch Lever
  • Slavens Racing Swingarm Protectors
  • Tusk Rear Disk Guard
  • Sicass Racing Multi-Function Bar Switch
  • Sicass Racing Key Switch Eliminator
  • Sicass Racing Front LED Turn Signals – NEXT POST

Midwest Engineering Clutch Lever

Ever since I saw the Midwest Clutch Lever review on Cross Training Enduro Skills YouTube channel, I thought it would be really cool to try on my new 350 EXC-F. This lever also helps if you keep the stock bar switch, as you will soon find out with the stock lever and bar switch, the tension adjuster can hit the switch. I discussed this on my KTM 3-Fiddy Talk #1 post.

Brembo2 B2C
Midwest Lever (top) vs Stock Lever (bottom)

This lever does as advertised.. it reduces the pull on the clutch even more, making it a much lighter pull. The way it is designed is for the clutch to engage slightly after you release it off the grip, so it may take some a bit to get use to. The thought behind this, is to have more hand strength on the grip with the lever pulled almost all the way in.. I think I’m going to like this a lot but will report back when I get more rides with it.

More Info:
Midwest Brembo2 B2C

Slavens KTM Swingarm Protectors

What better way to keep your brand spankin’ new bike’s swingarms from getting destroyed by Missouri rock…..Slavens Swingarm Protectors, and they are cheap! Worth every penny.. and on the 2017 KTM’s they just make your bike look extra sick…

More Info:
Slavens Racing Swingarm Protectors

Tusk Billet Rear Disk Guard

A fellow KTM rider reported really good luck with the Tusk Disc guard after several months of riding. So I thought, what the heck… why not?! it’s a addon that gets abused no matter the brand! We’ll see how it holds up & it looks sweet!

More Info:
Tusk Billet Rear Disk Guard

Swingarm Protectors & Tusk Disc Guard Bling!

Sicass Racing Multi-Function Bar Switch

Since the stock bar switch is rather wide, I decided to get a thiner switch that also adds the option to turn OFF the headlight when I wanted to! A couple other things I really like about this switch is it’s truly PLUG-n-PLAY and the indicator lights are awesome!

Stock Lever & Stock Bar Switch
Midwest Lever & Sicass Racing Bar Switch
Sicass Racing Bar Switch

Sicass Racing Key Switch Eliminator

Like I discussed in my KTM 3-Fiddy Talk #1, the ignition key is just in a bad spot.. so I decided to get rid of it!!! Easiest mod ever!

  1. Pull headlight assembly off
  2. Remove right turnsignal
  3. Unplug and remove key switch
  4. Remove seat
  5. Find white connector(below on left), replace with key switch eliminator(below on right)!
  6. Put everything back together.

Keep the key to lock your steering!

Remove This

Remove this white connector on top

Install This

Plug Key Eliminator into connector

My next post I’ll show how to install the Sicass Racing Front LED turn signals, new flasher and how to wire the Sicass Indicator Wiring kit, which is required if you have all LED turn signals like I do.

Stay tuned!

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