For years I have had a passion for video and capturing real-life stories. Due to my own lack of commitment, my video projects have been very sparse the last few years.  I simply continue to procrastinate.  I’ve always dreamed about doing a film or a mini-series, a documentary or something more than the 5 minute video for church.

In 2011, I’ve committed to producing a mini-series of biographies that I think will touch a lot of people. Also, I’ve committed myself to capturing more of my life, my families life and those around me. All the elements are in place, I’m thing only thing in the way.

The only way I can pull these projects off is if I have my own gear and gear that is small and light.  Easy to bring along, easy to pack on my bike and easy to setup.  After spending a lot of time watching quality videos on Vimeo, I’ve noticed… it’s not all in the gear, its really all in the eye behind the gear.  The story should be the best piece of the project, not the camera or lens or lights or even budget!  Ever hear of the movie “Once” or “Easy Rider“? The movie “Once” was created on a $237,816 dollar budget. It grossed $19 million.  “Easy Rider” had a budget of $400,000 and grossed $60 million. The point is that it does not take the best of the best to produce a film or short video that’s of high quality, engages the audience and lasts over time.

For me, I’m not talking about box office here, I’m talking internet/independent avenues of distribution. Not to make money but to make my dreams become reality!  To begin my biography series he’s the gear I’m starting with.  It needs to be small factor so I can load it on my motorcycle and have it readily available for other video projects.

At my disposal I’ve also got a Canon T2i, I use my lenses on it a 17-85mm & a 50mm f1.4. This HDSLR is amazing and will add creativity and good DOF shots. Here’s a video “Salton Sea” by Philip Bloom shot on the T2i.

YouTube Preview Image

For audio wit the T2i, I use a Zoom H4n with my Rode Videomic shotgun or Sennheiser ew112p G3 wireless lav mics.

Another great camera I have is the GoPro HD, its a full 1080p HD camera that has a lot of great features that I’ll use like it’s going out of style

Currently I’m working on a new website and making contacts with potential biography candidates. I’m super excited and have many ideas already in the works. God willing, you’ll be seeing them come to fruition in 2011!